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How to Start a Powder Coating Business

Your Step by Step Guide to Starting a Powder Coating Business

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This 39 page how to start a powder coating business E-book is stuffed with “how to specifics” that will get you up and running in the powder coating business in record time.

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Book Excerpt from How to Start a Powder Coating Business

Scale Your Powder Coating Business in the Right Direction or it Will Fail

Scale is one of the most critical things that you’ll need to be successful in powder coating and is best explained like this. There are only two ways you can structure a businesses and that’s either wide or high, meaning that you can either do something that’s very expensive and that makes you a lot of money so that you only need to make a few sales a year to live well (that’s height); or do something that’s lower in price and profit but sell it to a lot more people (wide.)

“Everybody who gets rich in business either scales their business by width or is directly connected to someone who scales by width.”

One of my clients, a powder coating equipment company is a great example of this. Some of his high end products are scaled to large commercial customers like Kitchen Aid, GE, John Deere, and Caterpillar. These systems routinely cost over a million dollars so on average he’ll sell only one or two a year.

The reason this works for him is that these lines are sold to clients who directly scale by width to their customers and sell high volumes of lower priced products (example: Kitchen Aid sells thousands of blenders and mixing machines to its customers. John Deere sells thousand of lawnmowers and tractors.)

A good example of scaling a powder coating business the wrong way to specialize only coating high ticket items like frames. At first you‘ll typically do OK but then stop growing after a while. Why? It’s because the shop is scaled to height instead of width and they’re simply aren’t enough potential new customers in the area to grow any further. So the key concept to remember with scale is;

“Always be sure that you are directly connected to width in everything that you do or you’ll never have long term success and generate any meaningful wealth in powder coating.”