Powder Coating Gun Model 800H by IntelliCoat


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IntelliCoat Model 800H Powder Coating Gun

powder coating mini hopper system by IntelliCoat

(Shown in custom Black. Stock color is Orange.)

IntelliCoat Model 800H Powder Coat Gun with 10 Liter Hopper

Just like our Model 800MHB, the IntelliCoat 800H uses our top of the line gun and intelligent controller in combination with a 10 liter hopper to handle even your toughest powder coating jobs. The controller has 3 preset coating modes and can store up to 20 different powder coating recipes for repeat jobs. You have precision control over the voltage, amperage, conveying air and dosing air as all are adjustable on the controller. There is also a handy button right on the gun to increase or decrease powder flow.

Color changes are fast and simple using the clean/purge button to purge the powder pump and gun. Then dump out and wipe clean the interior of the hopper and your ready for the next color.


Full 1 Year Warranty

IntelliCoat offers a full and unconditional 1 year warranty on all of its powder coating systems (see it here). If at any time during your warranty period you experience any trouble, simply contact us for immediate help. Our technicians will walk you through a quick series of over-the-phone tests to quickly pinpoint the trouble and a fix is just a UPS truck away. Replacement parts and units are stocked in 2 locations in the U.S. and turnaround time 1 day on average.