Powder Coating Kit- 80Kv Powder Coat Gun- Home and Small Business Powder Coating System


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80Kv Powder Coating Gun Kit for Home and Small Business



This powder coating system has been designed, re-engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. using globally sourced, top-quality components.


30% to 80% More Power (Kv)

Most guns at this price level are under-powered and can get you quickly into trouble when shooting multiple coats. That’s because they lack the KV range to get the powder to stick after the 1st coat.

Metallic’s and textures also need an extra charge to lay down smoothly and evenly on the part. With the 0 to 80Kv range of this gun, these problems simply aren’t an issue.


Twin Grounding Systems (Pro Gun Feature)

One thing you absolutely “must have” in powder coating is a good ground system. Without it, powder won’t stick, and your personal safety is at risk.  To powder coat properly, you should have two grounding points, one for the part and a second for the system and your personal safety. This is a mandatory feature on all pro-level guns.

Lesser quality systems use the ground of your electrical outlet for both of these. This says them money, but robs you of valuable coating performance. Our machine is the only one in its price range that comes standard with twin professional level grounding systems for peak performance and operator safety.


Super-Fast Color Changes & Powder Reloads

Thanks to its front mounted cup design, this gun is extremely fast to clean out and change colors (under 1 minute.) With a few extra powder cups on hand, powder reloads are even faster (5 to 10 Seconds.)


Sprays all Types of Powders

This gun does a great job with Metallic’s, texture, veins, wrinkles and chromes. With its cup-style hopper for even mixing, it has one of the shortest powder paths to the part which helps keep heavier powder particles from settling for a more even finish.



Help with Faraday Cages

Faraday Cages are a fact of life with powder coating so it’s never a case of if you’ll encounter one but when. With this machine, you can turn the charging power all the way down or off to minimize and often eliminate the Faraday Cage and still get the powder where you want it.

Not a “Throwaway” Gun

It is also the only powder coating system in its price range that is fully repairable. Other guns are either “throwaway guns” with no serviceable parts or guns where the manufacturer “holds you hostage” by refusing to make some repair parts available in hopes that you’ll just buy another gun.


Technical Specifications

Power Supply Source Voltage: 110V AC 60Hz with U.S. Plug
Output voltage: 0—80KV (Adjustable)
Polarity: Negative
Maximum output current: 80 Micro Amps
Max Input Air Pressure: 87PSI
Air Consumption: 0 to 5 m³/h (2.9CFM)
Weight of spray gun: 600 g (1Lb. 5oz)
Max. Possible Powder yield: 550g/min (19.4 OZ/min)
Volume of Powder Cup : 502.75 ML (17oz)
Work temperature range:-10℃—45℃ (50°F to 113°F)


What’s Included in Your Kit

1- 80Kv Powder Coating Cup Gun with Powder Flow Control Valve.

1- Powder Coating Cup & Lid

1- Round powder coating nozzle/electrode set with 21mm round diffuser tip.

1- Spare round 21mm diffuser tip.

1- Flat nozzle/electrode set.

1- Powder Coating Gun Controller with 0kv- to 80Kv adjustment.

1- Power cord for controller.

1- Gun cable- (gun to controller.)

1- Air hose- (gun to controller.)

1- ¼” NPT Female to 6mm Tube Connector with 6” Tubing Whip (Air nipple not included)

1- Ground wire with Squeeze Clip (for controller to part.)

1- Ground wire with Squeeze Clip (for controller to Earth Ground.)

1- Quick start Connection and Use Guide

1- Instruction Manual (English.)

1- How to Start a Powder Coating Business E-Book (Download)

1- Pre-Treatment of Metals for Powder Coating E-Book (Download)

1- One (1) Year Full Repair/Replacement Warranty.


This system is fully backed by our exclusive One (1) year repair or replacement warranty. That’s double the warranty of most other guns in its class.

If for any reason your system should fail to work simply contact us and we’ll arrange to have you send it back to our aftercare service center for free repair or replacement.


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Additional information

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