6 Month Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating Gun Warranty

PowderCoatPro 6 Month Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating Gun Warranty

For a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, PowderCoatPro, LLC will repair or replace at its sole discretion any components that are alleged to be defective either in material or workmanship on any Red Line EZ50 powder coating gun purchased from us and which has been used under normal operating conditions. Repair or replacement of any defective part is a one (1) time occurrence only. Warranty claims cannot be repeated.

Items such as O-rings, deflectors, nozzles, muzzles, front caps and air supply fittings are considered normal wear items and are not warranted unless they are alleged to be defect in material or workman ship at the time a warranty claim is made to us.

Also excluded from this warranty is normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse, abrasion, corrosion, negligence, accident, faulty installation or operation by the buyer.

Any modifications or tampering to the unit will also exclude unit from this warranty. The cost of shipping the unit to and from PowderCoatPro is the responsibility of the buyer and is not covered by the warranty.

Units outside of the warranty may returned for repair at the buyer’s expense. An estimate detailing the cost of any parts and labor will be presented to the buyer before any repair is made.

To return a unit for consideration under warranty, it is necessary to first obtain a return authorization number (RA) from a Powdercoatpro representative by calling 855-445-9660 toll free.

The complete unit (gun and power supply) must be returned and shipped freight pre-paid to the address given to the buyer at the time the RA call is made.