Redline EZ50 vs. Eastwood

Redline versus Eastwood Powder Coating Guns- The Difference

Redline EZ50 has 2X More Power of the Eastwood Dual Voltage Gun (50Kv not 25Kv.)

Redline has 3X More Power of the Eastwood Original Powder Coating Gun (50Kv not 11Kv.)

Redline Can Easily Do 2nd & 3rd Coats & Clears- Eastwood Struggles to Do 2

Redline has Better Powder Control

Redline Kits Come with Extra Cups- Eastwood’s Does Too.

Redline is Trigger Operated- Eastwood has Trigger and Button and Takes 2 Hands to Operate.

Redline has a 10 Foot Cord Reach- Eastwood Has 6 Foot

Redline Gun is Repairable- Eastwood’s is Not

Redline has a Variety of Tip Size and Shapes- Eastwood has 1

Eastwood Kit Comes with Safety Wire and Disposable Air Filter- Redline Does Not