Redline EZ50 vs EZ100

Redline EZ50 vs EZ100

The two primary differences between the Redline EZ50 and Redline EZ100 are Power (or Kv) and price. In powder coating, the Kv rating stands for the maximum voltage a gun can produce and transfer to the powder. With the Redline Ez50 that rating is 50 Kv or 50,000 volts and with the Redline EZ100 its 100Kv or 100,000 volts.

Red Line EZ50 versus EZ100The main purpose of Kv is to charge the powder so it will be attracted to ground and stick to the part. In some cases a higher Kv can also increase transfer efficiency thereby reducing waste.

Red line ez50 vs ez100However, more power is not always a good thing. Surface defects like “craters” “pinholes” and “back ionization” often occur when too much Kv is used and can lead to costly comebacks and do-overs. High Kv is also the primary cause of “Faraday Cages” where the powder will not stick to the part in corners and recesses on more complex part shapes.

So when do you need that extra power? Keep these facts and tips in mind.

1. Always use the least amount of Kv you can to get the powder to stick. If it sticks to the part it’s enough.
2. Most powder manufactures suggest application at 30Kv to 50Kv however most powders will stick just fine using as little as 10 to 30Kv. (On second, third and top coats, Kv should be lowered not raised each time.)
3. Powder coating above 50Kv is primarily for the production coating of large pieces of flatwork such as panels and casework and typically applies only to a small sector of the powder coating market.
4. The Redline Ez50 the Ideal choice for 98% of most coaters. Only those coaters who are involved in daily production coating of large-flat surfaces like sheet goods and fence panels need to consider the EZ100. (Yes… the EZ50 will still work on these too.)